Why Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang ?


Rp‎ 1.405,06

  • 6 months 2.29%
  • 1 year 4.48%
  • Year to date 0.78%

Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang

  • Short term investment with maximum growth potential.
  • The portfolio of MIPU consists of money market and short term fixed income instrument which allows potential of maximum profit.
  • No subscription and redemption fee. Investor can buy and sell each participation unit every bourse day without being charged of subscription and redemption fee. Low volatility of NAV each participation unit.
  • According to regulation from Bapepam & LK, NAV of each participation unit must be stable to minimize the volatility. High liquidity product. Generate attractive returns and low risk, makes an appropriate investment for novice investors.
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Mandiri Pasar Uang Syariah

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Rp‎ 1.069,90

  • 6 months 2.89%
  • 1 year 5.43%
  • Year to date 0.87%