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PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (“Mandiri Investasi”) very concern with the privacy of the Customer’s data and information, therefore Mandiri Investasi has act very careful manner in using and maintaining the data and information of the Customer.

How Mandiri Investasi Protect the Personal Data and Transaction Information of the Customer

Mandiri Investasi really appreciate and understand the importance of the privacy of the personal data and transaction information of the Customer. In maintaining and preserving the personal data and transaction information of the Customer in operating the online transaction, Mandiri Investasi conducts the following efforts:

The Use of User ID and Password:
1. The party that can access and use the online transaction facility is the Customer that has own an account in Mandiri Investasi or the selling agent that cooperates with Mandiri Investasi. The Customer can use the online transaction facility by using User ID and password that is provided especially for each Customer.
2. Security Question:
Beside the User ID and password, any party that intend to access and use the online transaction facility must also answer personal question that is chosen by the Customer when first accessing the User ID of each Customer.

Customer Information Obtained by Mandiri Investasi

Mandiri Investasi collects only the necessary information from the Customer in order to provide the online transaction services desired by the Customer. The information required includes but is not limited to KTP, NPWP, Telephone, Email and Correspondence Address.

Other Information Collected When the Customer Visits Mandiri Investasi Website

When the Customer visits Mandiri Investasi Website, Mandiri Investasi may receive other information such as internet service provider, computer operation syste, and the browser used by the Customer, and also date, time, and the duration spent by the Customer when visting Mandiri Investasi website. This information can be utilized by Mandiri Investasi in order to develop the content and navigation of the website and also the Mandiri Investasi online transaction facility.

How Mandiri Investasi Utilize the Information and Data that is Collected from the Customer

The information and data that is collected by Mandiri Investasi from the Customer will be used to provide a useful product and services for online transaction, such as the delivery of transaction confirmation, the delivery of account statement, and others that are relevant with the subscription, redemption, and also the switching of Mutual Fund’s Participation Unit. We also can deliver any other information that is related with any products, services, and events.

How Mandiri Investasi Protect the Information and Data of the Customer

As an institution that understand the importance of Customer’s information and data, Mandiri Investasi will not disclose any information and data of the Customer either to the affiliated party of Mandiri Investasi or to any other party except:

1. With prior written consent from the Customer or it receive written instruction from the Customer;
2. In case of the existence of a request from the authority including but not limited to the district attorney, police, Financial Transaction Analysis and Report Centre, Financial Services Authority, and also in case there is a court decision instructing Mandiri Investasi to disclose the information and data of the Customer that are owned by Mandiri Investasi.
3. In case of any issuance of regulation that obliged Mandiri Investasi to disclose the information and data of the Customer to a certain party or to public.

Limitation of Liability of Mandiri Investasi for Utilizing the Information and Data of the Customer

Mandiri Investasi shall not be liable for the utilization of the information and data of the Customer wither by the Customer his/her/itself or by any other party that is used or misused to access the online transaction facility by using the User ID of the Customer. Therefore, the Customer is also obliged to secure his/her/its information and data so it will not be owned or used by other party.

Other Important Information

Regardless the prevention and protection that is taken by Mandiri Investasi in protecting the information and data of the Customer, and also the Customer’s online transaction, Mandiri Investasi cannot guarantee the security of internet access of the implementation of online transaction. Further, Mandiri Investasi website can also provide access to other websites owned by the business partner of Mandiri Investasi that may be useful for the Customer, but Mandiri Investasi is not responsible for any content of our business partner websites including the privacy practices of such websites.

Mandiri Investasi Mobile Apps

Mobile apps Mandiri Investasi enable the Customer to access his/her/its account, and to conduct Mutual Fund transactions through the Customer’s mobile phone. This Privacy Policy is also applicable for Mandiri Investasi mobile apps services.

Modification of Privacy Policy

Mandiri Investasi can modify this Privacy Policy without prior notification to the Customer. The modification to this Privacy Policy can be conducted periodically or randomly from time to time.

Last Update November 19, 2016

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